Using Excel in Your Business?
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Turning the data you create and receive each day into something meaningful is true business intelligence.

Making effective and beautiful dashboards, office spreadsheets, calculators and reports; interactive and with eye-catching visualizations, is what makes me happy! I believe business owners like you should have the tools to make you as efficient and productive as you can be, giving you the time and clarity to achieve your goals.

Let me help bring all your information in to one place, enable you to monitor key numbers, uncover new business opportunities, make the most of resources and automate your routine office procedures. Let me help you get more out of Microsoft Excel and ensure you’re using its capabilities to the full.


You might be surprised how Excel can look when gridlines and clutter are removed and you only see what you need. Let me worry about all the formulas, macros and pivot-tables and make you something you’ll love to use.


I can help you establish what you want to know about your business, help you pull it in from all the sources and display it to you in a beautiful and visual way.


All your data presented to you in the best way possible. Whether it’s years of sales and production data to be analysed, or survey results to be collated. I’ll do all the statistics and produce clear charts and reports.


Are all your documents, spreadsheet and reports talking to one another? Is your data collection as fast and efficient as it can be? Let’s tidy everything up, ensure it’s all accurate and save you loads of time.

Why Excel?


No matter how many systems a company has, or how big they are, the majority of data is still exported to Excel for critical decision making analysis.

Most businesses own Microsoft software and probably have several office systems that use it. However, not all users are aware of the huge capability that Excel has and how they probably already own the software that can rapidly provide all the business intelligence that they need in a way that’s bespoke to them.

Dashboard Diva can turn a sea of gridlines and broken formulas in to smooth-running, beautiful business tools .

So why Microsoft Excel?

  • because most business owners know what to do with it
  • because I can add interactivity, calculations and rapidly develop it when your needs change
  • because I can program it to automate just about anything you regularly spend time doing
  • because you probably already own it

… and it’s a cost-effective way to build an amazing tool.

Using Excel in Your Business?
Get my best tips to your inbox

What Jo’s Clients Are Saying

Jo Sparkes from Dashboard Diva is absolutely amazing. She put together a formula with lots of conditional clauses and it works like magic! I was so impressed, and it stopped me from banging my head on the desk. Jo is a life saviour and a true expert in Excel. If you need to present your data in an easy-to-understand and clear way – she’s the one!

David Garcia-Gonzalez

Director, GoLocalise Ltd

Joanne Sparkes is an Excel genius. I had a massive excel challenge. Jo jumped to the rescue and fixed this mammoth task in 2 hours flat. Lifesaver. Thanks Jo! Don’t waste time trying to figure out your Excel challenge, just ask Jo.

Laura Moxham

Director, Your Business Angels

Slowly the list of ‘Excel experts’ who said they could do what I needed dwindled down until there was only one “Jo” and she turned out the spreadsheet just as I requested. I cannot praise her enough; she was the only one who was able to do this for me. She is truly in a league of her own!

John Wickham

Director, Flexible Heating Finance Ltd

Jo built this incredibly easy to work with solution, that makes what was a nightmarishly difficult job in to something that’s very quick and easy. Working with Jo was an absolute pleasure. She took all the complexities away. I can’t recommend her enough. She’s saved us so much time and we’re so pleased that we worked with her.

Dave Collins

Google Whisperer, SEO Promotions